Adam Lambert has been open about his sexuality ever since he first came out as gay after his stint on American Idol back in 2009. And now he's getting candid about his sexual escapades -- including sleeping with a woman as well as a few closeted actors and musicians.

According to an interview for the June 2015 issue of Glamour UK he opened up about sleeping with a woman. He said, "I have [slept with a woman] before. I did it for the first time when I was 29. It was kind of a random thing, but I was very curious. ... It felt great. It was a friend of mine and there was tequila involved and a full moon and then suddenly [laughs]."

When the magazine asked Adam whether he thinks there are actors who are currently in the closet, passing as straight in the public eye he said, "Oh yeah. I've been with a few of them. Whether's it's music or acting, you've got to remember that those industries are primarily run by men, so maybe it's about that. But with women being the primary moviegoers and record-buyers, surely it shouldn't matter so much?"

Adam also admitted to using Botox on his face and claimed that most people in the industry have cosmetic work done at some point. He said, "I've done it around my eyes a couple of times, because I think a little 'refreshing' is fine. But I don't want to change my face, I just want to look 'rested.' Still, I do think there is a point where it can get really over the top. If you start looking like a lion, that's probably a good moment to stop. But all the men in the film and music industry are doing stuff."

You can check out scans of the full interview over at Adam Lambert Media.

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