A few weeks after dropping the rather depressing, all-too-real video for "Another Lonely Night," which served to underscore the more lonely side of the glitz and glam of Las Vegas entertainment lifestyle, powerhouse performer Adam Lambert stuns in a brand new photoshoot and interview for Glamoholic.

Inside the issue — which includes yet another sharp, brooding spread of the singer, much like his covers for Next and Out — the "For Your Entertainment" superstar talked about his latest studio album (The Original High), his new single and meeting fans from across the world.

"It's a very personal album, you know. I wanted fans to be able to understand me a little bit better, some of my more sensitive kind of side and introspective side. I think on the previous album I got to be a little more kind of over the top conceptually," he reveals.

Along the release of his latest single, Lambert is now heading out to perform at a variety of radio shows this holiday season. He'll also be performing alongside Queen once again at the Isle of Wright Festival in June next year.

Check out the full interview and spread over at Glamoholic.

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