Adam Levine has a big job ahead of him this weekend, as the host of 'Saturday Night Live.' Normally, the good-looking and tatted singer performs as the musical guest with his band Maroon 5, but Adam is now bigger than that.

As a high-profile public figure thanks to his role as a coach on 'The Voice,' Levine is big time. But that doesn't mean he isn't nervous about doing standup comedy and skits for two hours on one of the most popular shows on TV.

"I don’t want to play it safe," Levine told Ryan Seacrest when calling into his morning radio program. "I think that that’s pretty much the consensus that I don't want to be lobbed things to kind of easily knock out. I want to be a part of the show as much as I possibly can. So, that's my goal."

He doesn't want easy jokes. He wants the hard stuff! What a good sport. We know that Levine and Justin Bieber, who will host on Feb. 9, are bros. Maybe The Biebs will try and psych his pal out via texts so that he can turn in the best hosting gig of all.

Levine is a tad nervous, saying, "I'm trying not to think about that too much, because it will become that and then I'll freak out. It's mostly just really fun, a blast, it's super cool, and very, very rare that anyone gets to do it… Life just kind of continues at this point to be surreal and amazing. It's a trip…Things just continue to happen, these amazing milestones just continue."

The singer, who is reportedly single after splitting with Victoria's Secret model Anne V last year, is also calling BS on Valentine's Day. He pretty much cut it down as a Hallmark holiday.

"There definitely is a large group of people who see Valentine's Day as this day to take the time out of your life and be romantic and tell the person you care about that you love them, and to do romantic things," he said about his perspective. "My thought about it is… there should be so many Valentine's Days in your life if you're going to be in a good relationship. It kind of makes me feel almost like the people who get really into Valentine’s day are usually the people who spend the other 364 days of their lives not doing what they should doing to keep it together.

"I'm not a hater, I don't hate Valentine’s Day. To me it should just be one of many days…hopefully if they're lucky enough to have love in their life, there should be like 50 Valentine's Days per year."

Oh Adam, you are so not a hater of Valentine's Day. And women out there probably love the way you think!

Levine did offer a quick update about Season 4 of 'The Voice.' The blind auditions are done. He commented on the "newbies" – Usher and new mom Shakira, who are filling in as coaches. "I had never met Shakira before. I had met Usher, we had just kind of crossed paths and we have friends in common. He's always been nothing but wonderful, a super nice guy, obviously a great talent, and it's great to have him on the show," he said about the R&B crooner.

And what about the Colombian dynamo who just gave birth? Lookout! "Shakira I really only met the first day of shooting, who is so wonderful, so sweet, so rad, so amazing, she’s a badass," he said.

Ut oh. Is Christina Aguilera getting jealous at her Season 4 seat-warmer Shakira? Is a battle of the blondes brewing, since Levine and Xtina fight constantly on their show?

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