How's this for throwback Thursday? Adam Sandler and Bob Barker got together to recreate the iconic fight scene from Happy Gilmore.

The two stars reunited for the Night of Too Many Stars telethon which will air on Comedy Central this Sunday (March 8) to support autism programs. Comedy Central has shared a video of the two comedic talents on their YouTube channel.

This clip begins with Sandler declaring that he and Bob Barker haven't spoken with each other in many years. Barker chimes in in agreement, saying they haven't spoken since Barker played himself in Sandler's 1996 film Happy Gilmore.

In the clip, 91-year-old Barker lies in a hospital bed and Sandler stops in to visit him. Barker tells Sandler that he looks old and "chunkier than the soup." Sandler retaliates by throwing the video's first punch just two minutes into the clip.

The two men stage a fight that's reminiscent of the famous golf course fight scene in Happy Gilmore. The stars trade quips throughout the hilarious clip -- Sandler pokes fun at Barker's show The Price Is Right, Barker insinuates that Sandler is a "desperate idiot." They eventually end up physically sparring.

You'll have to watch the clip to see how the reenacted fight scene plays out, but we can promise you this much: Fans of Happy Gilmore must watch this video. It may not be quite as iconic as the movie's famous line, "The price is wrong, bitch!" Still, it's pretty hilarious to see these two men working together again after all these years.

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