Being a working mother is difficult for any woman and when your job requires a world tour, it can be very taxing on your family life. With this in mind, maybe it's not so surprising that Adele is rumored to be interested in a Las Vegas residency, just like fellow-mum Britney Spears.

An anonymous source (so we're going to take this rumor with a GIANT grain of salt) reportedly told The Daily Star, "She wants to get back to performing but doesn’t want to go on the road so soon after becoming a mum. A Vegas residency would mean she could settle with her family and record her third album all at once."

Here's why we are not totally sure Adele is considering a Vegas residency. She will readily admit to anyone and everyone that she has a horrible case of stage fright, so why would she look to perform especially when it's not in support of a new album? Sounds fishy to us...

There was also that rumor circulating that Adele and Simon Konecki were going through a rough patch because she has been in Los Angeles with their son for award show season (and a little recording perhaps?), but he remained in the U.K. to work on his Drop4Drop charity. So why would Adele opt for a residency thousands of miles away from the father of her child? If there is any validity to this claim, it could mean the nail in the coffin for their relationship, but we are very seriously doubting that.

Adele will probably wrestle with her stage fright a bit more this weekend when she performs 'Skyfall' at the Academy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 24.

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