What's even better than AJR's 'Infinity' music video? A behind-the-scenes look at how it was made, of course. And lucky for you, PopCrush has the exclusive premiere at the BTS vid!

"We wanted a video that captured the emotion and energy of 'Infinity' in a strong but creative way, and [director] Jason Merrin somehow surpassed what we were hoping to attain," the band tells PopCrush exclusively. "We couldn't be more proud of this video."

As well they should! We're totally obsessed with the whole animated concept of the vid, so of course we were psyched when the director explained how it all went down.

"You basically shoot everything as if it's live action," he revealed. "And then you trace over the live action footage in animation, so what you get is this really cool in between, surreal, realistic-but-not-quite world." So cool -- especially because we get to see the live action shots that were turned into cartoons in the BTS clip.

Go behind the scenes of AJR's 'Infinity' vid in the video above!