YouTuber Alfie Deyes has a secret project in the works -- but he's remaining mum on the details so far. In this new video, he teases fans by saying that he's planning something that "will literally change everything" and is apparently a total "game changer," so despite the fact that we have no idea what he could possibly be talking about, we are def excited.

He ends the video talking about the secret project again, though we still don't get much from him. He promises that whatever it is will be unveiled within the upcoming weeks, and if it doesn't happen soon or is a long ways off, he promises to let viewers know the details. So, that's something to look forward to, at least!

In other news, Alfie shares what's on his dinner menu with us, talks about his end-of-the-year video that he recently uploaded -- with the help of a fellow YouTuber -- that you can check out on this page, and even talks about his stubble and how desperately he needs to shave.

What do you guys think he's hinting at? The way he goes on about it, it's probably insanely exciting and we're stoked to find out more. Check out the video above!