Lindsay Lohan's little sister, Ali, who turns 20 later this month, posted her first video on YouTube. In the video, she sings while swinging on a chair. We know what you're thinking. This could go either way.

It could be a train wreck or shockingly good.

We're going to give Ali props for her cute and charming chatterbox style.

"My mama and my siblings have wanted me to post a video of me, myself, showcasing my voice, for a long time, but I've been super chickening out," she jokes.

She stops rambling enough to sing 35 seconds of Christina Aguilera's hit ballad 'Beautiful.' Ali has a pretty voice. We'd rather have listened to more of her singing than talking, but she doesn't look quite as comfortable in front of the camera. We'll chalk it up to nerves.

By the way, Dina Lohan repeatedly encouraging one of her kids to do something public? What a shock!