Over the weekend, 'School's Out' classic rocker Alice Cooper performed at the Bonnaroo music festival. While there, the creepy, snake-wearing shock rocker not only performed his own hits, but also performed a somewhat surprising cover of Lady Gaga's love yourself anthem 'Born This Way.'

Cooper's cover of 'Born This Way' had a hard rock edge to it, with shrieking electric guitars and heavier sounding bass and drums. Although Cooper (who has also collaborated with Kesha in the past) changed it quite a bit from the original (altering the lyrics, tempo and overall tone of the song), he did keep true to Gaga's overall design.

What did you think of Alice Cooper's cover of Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way'? Did he do the singer justice? We're sure Gaga herself (who is sadly suffering from a concussion at this moment in time) was going berserk over the cover, since she has always had an open admiration for classic rock and absolute originals like Alice Cooper.

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