AlunaGeorge act out a creepy and dark fairy tale in their new video for 'Attracting Flies.' Singer Aluna Francis plays the part of classic fairy tale characters like Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and what we assume is Goldilocks as she is surrounded by three rotund men eating porridge.

George Reid, who provides the beats and production for the duo, plays out the part of a knight in shining armor, pulling a knife out of a rock Arthur-style, searching for the pea and finally laying one on Sleeping Beauty to awaken her from her slumber.

The duo has imagined a fairy tale world that isn't quite what we've been lead to believe all these years. The Seven Dwarves with Snow White look like they could give you a serious beatdown and Beauty's beast is really a mean looking Doperman Pinscher. We'll stick with the Disney version, thanks!