America met fair-haired beauty Brittany Kerr when she sang a Joss Stone song on 'American Idol' last night (Jan. 18.) The show might find itself with a few more red-blooded American male viewers in that much coveted 18-49 demo, courtesy of Kerr, who was upstreamed to the Hollywood rounds seemingly on the back of her looks moreso than her musical talent.

Kerr is quite the looker and has spent time as an NBA dancer for the Charlotte Bobcats. Given her visible pre-'Idol' career, there's plenty of sexy shots of the singer all over the web. Coed Magazine did the dirty work and corralled a plethora of images of the singer. They posted a bunch of shots of Kerr, looking trim and fit in a variety of bikinis, in their gallery.

Is it any wonder that Kerr was sent through the next phase of 'Idol?' The judges were smart enough to realize that the male contingent very well may continue to tune in as long as they have eye candy like Brit upon which to feast their eyes.

Another hot blond Brit in our lives! Can we handle it? Too much hotness. The girl really does have a banging body. You could bounce quarters off those rock hard abs.

But will her genetic gifts and her fit physique be enough to keep her going round after round of the 'Idol' grind? We shall see. If she makes it to the live shows, the dudes viewers can vote to keep her around.