Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson are notorious for their inability to say no to a pretty face during the 'Idol' auditions, but this week, almost everybody wanted to see more of Brittany Kerr. The Charlotte Bobcats cheerleader -- excuse me -- dancer, had everybody and their mother Googling her just moments after she auditioned with 'Spoiled' by Joss Stone.

"Spoiled" is right! This girl couldn't fool Jennifer Lopez, but Tyler and Jackson were praising her, and it just might have had something to do with more than her voice. After Kerr appeared on the show, her management company was forced to shut down their website, which hosts a few pics of her. Their servers couldn't handle the surge in traffic from all of Kerr's new fans. Not only that, photographer Jim Merill, who had snapped bikini shots of Kerr,  was also forced to get more bandwidth after his site's traffic soared.

Merill told TMZ that he usually gets about 5,000 hits per month on his site, but after Kerr was on idol, he got about 20,000. Damn, girl!

Will Kerr survive Hollywood? When it comes down to it, you can't get through 'Idol' on looks alone, and even though this girl has talent, J-Lo has spoken. Stay tuned.

Watch Brittany Kerr Perform Joss Stone's 'Spoiled' on 'American Idol'