Hallie Day was the final contestant at the Pittsburgh auditions for 'American Idol' -- talk about going out on a high note. Day sang Gloria Gaynor's 'I Will Survive,' and it was somewhat autobiographical for her.

Day, 24 and a newlywed, is now working as a waitress in Baltimore, Md. She dropped out of high school at 15 and headed to New York to perform in a girl group. She was lonely, in debt and became an addict during her N.Y.C. stint. With her tail between her legs, Day moved home, ate a bottle of pills and attempted suicide. She's a typical underdog that these types of reality shows absolutely love to spotlight, so thankfully her performance was top-notch and she didn't need to play the sympathy card in order to get through.

Day's blond-and-blue-eyed soul version of the disco classic with the empowering lyrics was pretty terrific. She nailed it. Steven Tyler even asked her to sing something else, not because she was lacking in any department or because he was unimpressed, but because he loved to watch her sing and share her gift with others.

The judges have a real good feeling about Hallie Day, and so does PopCrush.

Watch Hallie Day Perform 'I Will Survive' on 'American Idol'