We must be prognosticators at PopCrush, because tonight, 'American Idol' resident rock-star-in-training James Durbin performed Bon Jovi's power ballad, 'I'll Be There For You,' just as we predicted earlier this week! Tonight's challenge was contestants performing songs from the year of their birth, and since Durbin entered the world in January 1989, he went the Jovi route and it paid off excellent dividends.

Durbin, who revealed that he, Stefano Langone, Casey Abrams and Paul McDonald formed a band in the 'Idol' house, is dipped in rock 'n' roll DNA. He tackled the ballad from all angles, working the microphone like a prop and engaging the crowd with his entire body by pointing and singing to his adoring audience.

Durbin is every inch the rock 'n roller, sporting an uber stylish faux hawk as he performed in a leather jacket, a Tyler-esque belt scarf hanging from his hip, and custom-made, studded leather boot bandanas. Durbin's rocker attitude was refreshing after a couple of snoozy performances by Naima Adedapo and Thia Megia at the beginning of the show.

Durbin was made to sing rock music, and he nailed the high note at the end of the song. without . It can was a very tempting and possible to option go overboard at the end of the song, but he reeled it in.  Steven Tyler, who said he has sandwiches under his bed older than Durbin, warned the singer, "Don't get too poppy on me."

Randy Jackson pointed out Durbin's pitchy spots, but other than that, he praised Durbin for doing what he always does, saying, "You figure out how to make it your own. You did [the song] justice and you put your high note in but did not over do it!"

Jennifer Lopez, on the other hand, was blown away, saying, "A great performer and great singer makes you want to sing along and you saw me, acting a fool, singing along. It brings me so joy, I love it."

Did we mention that we predicted Durbin would sing Bon Jovi's 'I'll Be There For You?' Oh right, we did.

Watch James Durbin Perform Bon Jovi's 'I'll Be There for You' on 'American Idol'