'American Idol' favorite Phillip Phillips had a bit of a health scare this week. While contestants fainted left and right during the audition rounds and during Group Week in Hollywood, Phillips' medical malady was not due to stress from the show. He was hospitalized for a pre-existing condition: kidney stones. We've never had 'em ourselves, but by all accounts, they are supposedly one of the most painful things a body can endure.

TMZ reports that Phillips' dad revealed his son had five procedures to remove kidney stones and he has been dealing with them since October. Aw, the poor guy. You'd never know he was in excruciating pain since he often performs so flawlessly and is such a joy to watch.

Phillips appeared on 'Idol' last night, March 8, to find out that his out-of-the-box rendition of Stevie Wonder's 'Superstitious' was enjoyed by viewers, who gave him enough votes to move forward to the next round. He referenced his condition briefly in a chat with Ryan Seacrest, while his dad said, prior to the live results episode, that his son is determined to keep going and will postpone further procedures for now. What a trooper.

PopCrush wishes Phillip Phillips the best while he battles kidney stones.