'American Idol’ contestant and fan favorite Phillip Phillips may have been thinking of judge Jennifer Lopez when he selected Queen's hit ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ to sing this week. He hit the stage without the signature guitar and we were left wondering if he would deliver magic without the comfort of his five-stringed friend.

Giving it his all, Phillips dominated the song. He hardly stopped for a breath between verses and left the judges enthusiastically clapping at the end of his performance.

As if reading our minds, rocker Steven Tyler started his commentary by joking with Lopez, saying, "The bigger, the cushion … the bigger the cushion," while smirking in her general direction. "Why you looking at me?!" Lopez sassily answered him. Tyler answered back, "Honey, don’t you start with me now." He then addressed Phillips and told him, "I love watching you run out of breath. You’ve got character that no one else has."

Lopez complimented the singer on presenting a different flavor every week and for always bringing something totally different to the table. She also said, "You know what I love about you -- so many things!" Realist Randy Jackson toned down the love fest by telling Phillips, "Did I like it? Yes. Did I love it? I wasn’t jumping up and down."

For his song of choice in the second round of performances, Phillip Phillips brought out his guitar to sing 'The Stone' by Dave Matthews Band. Many fans have attributed him to a young Dave Matthews, so his song choice was not particularly surprising. While we weren’t taken aback, some of the judges seemed to be.

Steven Tyler started off by saying the performance was "very off the wall." He praised the singer for taking a chance and said it seemed as though he had found his niche. Jennifer Lopez seemed less than impressed, calling the song obscure and telling Phillips it was too artsy -- "Song choice is so important, you have to do songs that will get you on that last show." Perhaps Lopez has been busy in the last decade or two, but we’re pretty sure people know who Dave Matthews is.

Randy Jackson disagreed with Lopez and said, "Phillip Phillips will always be Phillip Phillips. He stands before who he is, what he is, and where he’s going. That speaks to me 100 million percent."

Watch Phillip Phillips Perform 'Fat Bottomed Girls' on 'American Idol'

Watch Phillip Phillips Perform 'The Stone' on 'American Idol'