Like Britnee Kellogg on last night's audition episode of 'American Idol,' Rachelle Lamb is an aspiring singer whose dreams were cut short by a failed marriage and a man who tried to keep her down and hold her back. In the midst of a divorce, Lamb is raising her daughter, the absolutely adorbs Maddy, but she is also pursuing her singing career. She turned up for the St. Louis auditions of Season 11 with high hopes. How'd she do?

Well, for starters, Lamb isn't just chasing stardom. She wants to set a good example her little girl, to teach her to follow her heart and to be what she wants to be in life. Anyone have tissues? What a wonderful mom!

Lamb actually toted her daughter into the audition with her. Hello, emotional blackmail for the judges! A kid is always a failsafe "prop" and how could the judges say "no" with her in the room? Lamb told the judges she was a professional singer, but that her husband took all her dreams away. While we all do crazy things for love, there are always second chances. This was Lamb's.

She belted out a Faith Hill song that she referred to as 'Find Somebody New' and that was when Rachelle Lamb went in like a lion and came out like one. She was tapping her thighs with her hand, while her daughter tap danced next to her. What a tandem!

At the end of the day, daughter in the room or not, Lamb can song. Oh can she sing. Next round, here they come.

Watch Rachelle Lamb Perform 'Find Somebody New' on 'American Idol'