Tonight (Feb. 29) marked the second live performance episode of 'American Idol' Season 11. All the girls performed this evening, with only half able to go through to next week. It was another mixed bag of talent, with country gals and torch singers sharing the stage. We also tried to keep track of how many times Randy Jackson said "Yo" but it was futile. It's like every other word.

The Top 12 girls performed, and now you get to vote on who stays sand who goes home, America. To help you with the voting process or to familiarize yourself with the contestants if you abstain from voting, consult PopCrush's recap of the events.

Chelsea Sorrell: The cowgirl sang 'Cowboy Casanova' but it wasn't her best showing. She was a bit nasally and nervous, but there was equal parts sass, spunk and sex appeal in her version of the Carrie Underwood tune.

Erika Van Pelt: This spunky blonde delivered a confident and spot on performance of Heart's power ballad 'What About Love', and her velvety voice gets under our skin in the best possible way. EVP is one DJ who can sing.

Jen Hirsh: In her pre-performance package, Hirsh said she wanted to demonstrate her love for Adele's 'One and Only' through her performance. We've said this before – covering Adele is akin to covering Mariah. Diva'ing ain't easy, but Hirsh came pretty damn close. She hit a lot of big notes.

Brielle Von Hugel: The Staten Islander with the stage mom just wants to "pawfowm," as she said in her thick "New Yawk" accent. When she got down to the task at hand, which is the singing, she offered up her rendition of the classic '(Sittin' On) the Dock of the Bay.' She's this season's Haley Reinhart, with her smoky style and sense of the blues.

Hallie Day: From waitresing in Baltimore to the Top 24 of 'American Idol,' Hallie Day was feelin' good and soundin' it, too. She turned in a torchy and escalating version of 'Feeling Good.'

Skylar Laine: If Tina Turner went country, it'd sound like the performance Skylar Laine turned in tonight. She is a pistol and a mini Reba in the way that way she stomps around the stage and she utilized that big, commanding voice when singing Faces' 'Stay With Me.' She is a rockin' country who exudes star quality from every pore and ame alive in front of the crowd.

Baylie Brown: Lone Star's ballad 'Amazed' was her choice of song, but unfortunately for this performance, she did not sound as pretty as she looks. Her dress was too tight and she could feel her heart beat and it distracted her. Aw, poor gal.

Hollie Cavanagh: She sang Christina Aguilera's 'Reflection' and she had a big dragon to slay, since aping Xtina is not easy. But she hit some gorgeous notes. She also has an accent that sounds Australian. Anyone else notice?

Haley Johnsen: Pretty Haley turned in a Florence + the Machine like rendition of 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)' and we liked her quirky vibrato, but it wasn't the right song for her. The judges didn’t love it, with Randy calling it "train wrecky."

Shannon Magrane: The tall teen sang the gospel tune 'Lights the World,' showing off her diva-ness. Most 16-year-old's don't possess this kind of passions. She gave J. Lo her first "goosies" of the night.

Jessica Sanchez: Despite a sore throat during rehearsals, the soulful singer rocked 'Love You I Do' as if there was not a thing wrong with her gullet.

Elise Testone: Another 'Idol' hopeful tackled Adele. They're a brave bunch. Testone played piano to 'One and Only,' which Jen Hirsh also sang. Testone, 28, has such a husky tone.