The Top 10 for Season 12 of 'American Idol' has been chosen, voted on by the viewers. The Top 10 is comprised of five men and five women, all of whom survived the sudden death rounds and the tough criticism of the judges and were whittled down from 20.

The final batch of competitors was revealed on tonight's (March 7) episode, the first results show of the season. Know what that means? It's go time already. The judges had no idea who was selected, so they found out when the live and viewing audiences did.

Totally off topic, but Randy Jackson once again had his initials in varsity letters on his (blinding and whiter-than-his-overly-bleached-teeth) blazer. Does he have some sort of endorsement?

Here's who's moving on!

The Men:

Paul Jolley: He was the first person to find out his fate. Remember, he got a pass from show mentor and Interscope chief Jimmy Iovine during earlier rounds, as he was supposed to be sent home. His victory song was the '80s power ballad 'Alone' by Heart.

Burnell Taylor: If anyone is shocked that B. Taylor is moving on, then you've not been watching the season. His victory lap was India.Arie's 'Ready for Love.' Is it us or does he have a twist on the Frank Ocean thing going on? It's the glasses and the R&B style. Taylor is flashier but they have some sort of sonic kinship.

Curtis Finch, Jr: His palms were soaking wet since he was nervous, but we don't know why. It was painfully obvious that this spiritual, soulful dude would be Top 10'ing it. To celebrate, he sang John Legend's 'So High.'

Devin Velez: The bilingual singer being selected was not a surprise, either. He's so good and he's only 18. His victory vocal was 'The Power of One.' He sings in two languages, but the power is in one thing and that's music.

Lazaro Arbos: Again, no shock here. Arbos stutters, but that doesn't hold him back. The boy can sing his patoot off. We lurve him, and no, it's not a sympathy vote. Good singing is good singing, yo! His victory song was 'Bridge Over Troubled Water.'

That means it was the end of the road for Charlie Askew, Elijah Liu, Cortez Shaw, Nick Boddington and Vincent Powell. We will miss them and will likely see some of them again in the future, be it on the Internet or during Season 13's auditions.

The Women:

Janelle Arthur: The Tennessee cutie did her vocal victory lap with Dierks Bentley's 'Home.' She's a modern country singer, so she gave us some twang. Nicki Minaj called her a "ladybug" and a "marshmallow," in addition to christening her a future country star.

Candice Glover: She didn't just do a victory song. She did a victory dance making her way to the stage. So cute. She belted out 'I'm Going Down' as well as Mary J. Blige does. She's got the Jennifer Hudson thing down pat. She's a total frontrunner. Yeah, we said it.

Angie Miller: Wow, she has a lot of layers in her hair. Sorry, they distracted us. She was emotional but managed to cruise through Beyonce's 'I Was Here.' She's a belter and could end up going so deep into Season 12 that she reaches marrow. She looks a bit like Season 10's runner up Lauren Alaina.

Amber Holcomb: For her victory track, she dealt with some mic problems -- she sounded too low -- but she sang an uptempo track with 'I'm Every Woman.' It was a change of pace from all those ballads.

Kree Harrison: Another country contender for Season 12. She closed the reveal episode with a fast-paced track, singing 'Evidence' by Susan Tedeschi.

Those selections closed the Season 12 chapter for Zoanette Johnson, Breanna Steer, Aubrey Cleland, Tenna Torres and Adriana Latonio. Bye bye, gals.