Though the news is tragic, Amy Winehouse's death marks an interesting note in music history. The iconic, yet notoriously troubled, 'Rehab' singer died at the age of 27, enlisting her in the '27 Club' -- a large group of historic musicians who also died three years before they hit 30.

The '27 Club,' sometimes called Club 27 or the Forever 27 Club, was created when music fans started noticing a trend among the deaths of legendary rockers. Female rockstar Janis Joplin passed away in 1970 of a probable heroine overdose ... When she was 27. That same year, 27-year-old Jimi Hendrix choked in his sleep and died after popping some sleeping pills with wine. In '71, the Doors icon Jim Morrison shared a similar fate, also at the age of 27. Oddly enough, both the Rolling Stones' guitarist Brian Jones and Nirvana superstar Kurt Cobain were also pronounced dead at 27.

While it's most likely an eerie coincidence, as lots of lesser-known folks have also left us at such a young age, it is strange that such a notable pop singer like Amy Winehouse died at 27-years-old like so many before her. If anything positive can be said, it's that she'll join some of music's greatest in the '27 Club,' where her music will live on forever.

Winehouse would have celebrated her 28th birthday on September 14.

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