In another tragic twist to the still-unfolding story of Amy Winehouse's decline, Amy's mother revealed in a recent interview that the troubled starlet, who passed away in July 2011, was so deeply ashamed of her alcoholism that she refused to imbibe in front of family members.

Also, despite rumors that Amy was constantly intoxicated, her mother, Janis Winehouse, says that the reality wasn't quite so simple. "She could go for weeks without having a drink, but then she'd fall off the wagon," Janis explained. "She was like a little girl who just couldn't resist putting her finger in the fan, even though she knew it was dangerous. But she never drank in front of me. She loved and respected her family too much for that."

As for those who said that Amy's passing was a blessing, given how profoundly tortured the raspy-voiced songbird had shown to be over the several years prior to her death? Janis said plainly, "Amy didn't want to die; she didn't have a death wish. She had a huge zest for life. There was so much she still wanted to achieve."

Especially with the recent conclusion to the Michael Jackson trial, which shines yet another spotlight on the problem of addiction going untreated among celebrities with means, it's hard not to have a heavy heart over the premature loss of such great talent.