In terms of unreleased Amy Winehouse recordings, there's plenty more beyond those on her upcoming posthumous album 'Lioness: Hidden Treasures.' But her U.K. label bosses say at least 12 of those songs will never see the light of day, because the singer demanded they be kept in the vault.

Execs at Island Records U.K. promise to abide by Winehouse's request, even if one song in particular really has them excited. Island co-president Ted Cockle says, "There are a dozen unfinished or unreleased tracks she didn't want put out. Everyone who hears 'Procrastinate' loves it." Co-president Darcus Beese adds, "If you ever hear 'Procrastinate,' you have my permission to come into my offices here in Kensington and fire me."

As the Guardian points out, these gents are apparently unaware that 'Procrastinate' already leaked onto the web a few years back. So perhaps only 11 Amy Winehouse recordings will remain locked up. Among the other rumored song titles are 'Detachment,' 'Gutter,' and 'Our Souls Ain't Sold.'

Beese does defend the release of 'Lioness,' saying, "''I f---ing wrote the songs. People should f---ing hear them.' That's what she'd tell you if she was here now. We've had to qualify this album in front of Amy's family. Her mom, her dad, her brother -- that's her very vocal, protective brother -- plus fiances, stepfathers and more."