Amy Winehouse's tragic death this July is still being mourned by those closest to her, but it also spurned her loved ones to action. Amy's beloved father, Mitch Winehouse, established the Amy Winehouse Foundation in her honor after her passing. Mitch is now organizing an A-list tribute concert in honor of the late 'Back to Black' chanteuse, with all proceeds going to the charity.

"The Amy Winehouse Foundation is very excited to be planning a benefit concert in tribute to Amy later this year," Mitch told the U.K. Press Association. "We will be talking to a variety of people in the coming months and will announce those performing as soon as we can."

No dates, lineups nor locations have yet been disclosed for the concert. The show is rumored to be a small, intimate show featuring artists that Amy looked up to, as well as artists she influenced. Jessie J and Lily Allen have both expressed interest in paying tribute to the fallen star.

If she participates, it will be Jessie J's second musical homage to Amy, following her 2011 Divas Live tribute. "Amy definitely paved the way for people like me and Adele," Jessie J said. "She broke boundaries, she set the standard. She wrote music that went worldwide. Until that point, British female artists hadn't really done anything since Annie Lennox."

Amy Winehouse continues to make her mark despite her sudden passing. Her posthumous release, 'Lioness,' debuted at No. 1 on the U.K. charts, while her breakout album, 'Back to Black,' surged back into the top 10 following her passing. While Amy Winehouse may be gone, she's certainly not forgotten -- and her music will live on indefinitely.