Rick Ross and Andy Samberg recreate the 'Jaws 2' movie poster on the cover of the new Complex magazine.

The photo shows the hip-hop producer with his mouth open in a menacing expression, ready to attack an oblivious Samberg, who gives a thumbs-up as he water skis.

The issue features an interview with Samberg's music/comedy troupe the Lonely Island, as well as a joint interview and photo shoot with the unlikely pair of Samberg and Ross.

Most of the joint interview is silly, though Ross discusses his new album 'God Forgives, I Don't,' calling it "beautifully violent. It’s street music at its finest."

Ross also says he'd love to host 'Saturday Night Live' someday, while Samberg reveals the artist he'd most like to do a funny song with is Jay-Z. Ross promises to call the rapper for Samberg and pass along the request.

The Lonely Island discuss their lack of street cred and their attempts to pretend to be rappers. The boys says Jorma Taccone is the most likely of the three to end up in jail. Akiva Schaffer agrees, noting that Jorma recently got in trouble with the law: "He didn’t take the picture for his expired license, and then he was driving with it, thinking he had renewed it. He’s a real bad boy."

Watch a Clip from the Rick Ross and Andy Samberg Interview