Are the Wanted still talking smack about Christina Aguilera? Sort of. In a recent, seemingly impromptu video interview, which took place while the boys were stationed outside of the Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood, an interviewer tries to goad Nathan Sykes and Tom Parker into making another comment about Xtina, with whom they've been feuding in the press.

Sykes, chomping on a mouthful of gum and looking cute, is asked what he thinks of Jay-Z's '99 Problems,' which was a bone of contention when contestant Tony Lucca performed it on 'The Voice,' causing Xtina to say it was derogatory. There had been running tension between Lucca and the coach all season.

Sykes replied by quoting the lyrics, saying, "I dunno, but a b---- ain't one." It reminded us of when Parker called Xtina that word after she snubbed them when they performed on 'The Voice.'

The hosts asked Sykes if that reconfirms what the band thinks about the singer. He sort of nodded and then said "no." Parker innocently interjected that he thought Lucca's perf was "great."

Sykes shut things down by saying, "Everyone's got their own opinions and everyone has a bad day," which appeared to be an attempt to stanch the bleeding of this media-spotlighted battle and to stop the verbal battle from going any further.

Watch the Wanted Interviewed by the World Monitor