Ariana Grande's new single 'Baby I' -- from her upcoming album, now called 'Yours Truly' and due out this fall -- is a bit of a departure from her smash 'The Way.'

While her previous single is an upbeat, funky track that features an assist from rapper Mac Miller, this song focuses more on Grande, her diva voice, and her deftness with the blue-eyed soul genre.

'Baby I' has a mid-'90s R&B diva vibe, with a smidge of '70s disco energy -- think Mariah Carey gone retro. Sure, Mimi is always the obvious comparison when it comes to Grande, since they both know how to tackle those octaves, but Grande does hold her own and exercises taut control over that voice of hers.

Grande sings as though she is wise beyond her years, and she hits those notes without ever going so high she might make dogs bark. See what we mean about control? She doesn't ever cross the line into shrill territory.

The single is more mature, both sonically and lyrically for Grande, but given the fact that there's an old soul trapped in her body, it's exactly the kind of track she needs. Her voice is a capable driver, and this track allows her to do just that. She sings about love believably, even if she is young and only having her first experiences with the emotion. She knows how to pack a lifetime of feeling into that voice.

Another impressive thing about Grande on 'Baby I' is that she sings each lyric with conviction -- you find yourself believing what she's saying, like "I love you more than anything / But the words can't even touch what's in my heart."

We love the little giggle at the end, too.

Grande had said that the album was called 'Daydreamin'' back in May, but that appears to have changed.

Listen to Ariana Grande, 'Baby I'