For some international Arianators, the wait to see your Queen live on stage just grew a little bit longer.

Late last night, "Focus" mini-diva Ariana Grande tweeted an apology out to the world, explaining that she would need to reschedule the remainder of her Honeymoon Tour dates.

"Babies, I'm so sad I won't be able to make it abroad this December but I can't wait to see u & reschedule for next year.i love you so much.💜" she wrote.

"💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜," she added.

The singer didn't elaborate further on why she needed to shuffle the remaining dates, but our guess? She's probably burnt out. Let her live!

Ari was scheduled to perform in Abu Dhabi on Thursday (Dec. 3), as well as London's O2 on December 5. She also had two Honeymoon Tour dates scheduled for December 8 and 9 in Japan.

To be fair, the Scream Queens star has had quite a busy end of 2015, with everything from recording her upcoming third studio album Moonlight to performing live at the American Music Awards (and channeling Jessica Rabbit while doing so!) to guesting and performing with Who Is Fancy and Meghan Trainor on their collabo single, "Boys Like You."

But don't worry: Like her recurring role (as a dead Chanel #2) on Scream Queens, she'll be back.