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Poor Austin Mahone! The 'Waiting for This Love' singer is undergoing a tonsillectomy as we speak.

Austin shared the scary news with his fans via Twitter and Instagram, revealing his nerves and even posting a photo of himself right before going into surgery. Eek!

Taking to Twitter last night, the pop star wrote:

He later added, "Not excited for tomorrow. But ready," making sure to include the prayer hands emoji.

And with one final social media message, Austin posted the pic above with the caption "HERE WE GO!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!" complete with multiple syringe emojis and even one of an ice cream cone.

While Austin has every right to be worried -- surgery is a scary thing (especially one that has the potential to affect your voice) -- we're sure that he will be just fine and ready to start downing all the ice cream he can in no time. Having your tonsils taken out is a pretty routine procedure, after all.

Meanwhile, we're keeping him in our thoughts and know that Mahomies everywhere are doing the same. Get well soon, Austin!