Carly Rae Jepsen and her club banger remix 'Tonight I'm Getting Over You' may have previously beat out Ariana Grande and her Mac Miller-assisted single 'The Way,' but this past week she couldn't get ahead of Austin Mahone and his Mahomies.

The ‘Say You’re Just a Friend' crooner took home 52% percent of the Pop Clash votes with help from Flo Rida.

So now we've got Austin up against the the good-looking Jonas Brothers and their newest single 'Pom Poms.' Can Flo's rap rhymes carry the weight when Austin is matched up with three good-looking dudes who are practically verterans in the pop world? Let's discuss.

On ‘Say You’re Just a Friend,’ Austin samples Biz Markie’s classic single when trying to tell a girl (friend) that he's had some feelings for her for some time. It's adorbs and cute, just like his looks. "I wanna be your everything, want to be the one you need / So tell me where ya been all my life / Gonna make you mine tonight" he sweetly pleads to the lucky lady.

Then there's the Jonas Brother's diddy, which is a more grown-up pop-rock sound but with an incredibly catchy hook: "More to love when your hands are free / Baby put your pom poms down for me / Come on shake it up 123." The 'Pom Poms' single praises a girl who can move and shake her booty, but who also has undeniable assets. Yes, the pom poms mean what you think they do -- the Jo Bros even had Sofia Vergara in mind when they wrote it!

So which song are you loving more this week? Vote Austin Mahone or the Jonas Brothers below. This round of Pop Clash will close on May 27 at 3PM ET, and you can vote once an hour until we announce the winner!

Watch the Austin Mahone 'Say You're Just a Friend' Video Feat. Flo Rida

Watch the Jonas Brothers 'Pom Poms' Video