Prom season is officially upon us, which means it’s time to begin looking for this year’s Prom King and Queen of 2016.

Harry Styles and Ariana Grande took home the coveted crowns last year, voted on by their ever-loyal fans. But as time has passed and rendered last year's prom king and queen hopefuls ineligible (due strictly to age), we've moved on to a new crop of Hollywood stars to vie for the crown. For Round 1, Bea Miller will battle it out with Kylie Jenner.

Bea Miller transformed herself from X Factor U.S. hopeful (on Team Britney, no less!) to full-fledged artist, taking control of her image and her sound to emerge as a strong force within pop music. She’s since amassed a loyal following -- but are they dedicated enough to vote her this year's Prom Queen winner?

Kylie Jenner, meanwhile, remains the sole Kardashian-Jenner with a lucrative cosmetics company, turning tabloid fodder (are those lips real or nah?) into an enormous money-maker. She remains queen of selfies, queen of Snapchat and queen of lip kits, but can Kylie also claim the title of Prom Queen of 2016?

Vote for your choice Queen in the poll below, but be sure to get your votes in before the poll closes on Sunday (May 22) at midnight!

Bea Miller Performs "Fire n' Gold" 

Kylie Jenner's Style Evolution