The director's cut of the Hear What You Want commercial for Beats By Dre featuring basketball player Kevin Garnett of the NBA is over two minutes, but the advertisement makes its point effectively. In the spot, Garnett tunes in (or out, depending on your perspective), thanks to his Beats By Dre ear gear.

The baller is able to drown out the excess, distracting noise of the media, angry, hostile fans and other occupational hazards so he can focus on his game (or the game). So what's the song that he is listening to that helps him avoid all the external static that can break his internal concentration?

It's 'The Man' by Aloe Blacc. Most pop music fans will recognize Blacc's name or his folky, lived-in voice, since it's the same one that powers Avicii's smash hit, the folk-EDM hybrid 'Wake Me Up.'

KG, to many Brooklyn Nets fans, is 'The Man,' which is why the song fits the spot like a glove and on multiple levels.