The next generation of Disney queen is on the rise, as Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato inch towards 20. It's 14-year-old redhead Bella Thorne who is their heiress apparent, and she's about to nudge Willow outta da way with a full body check, courtesy of her sassy, hand-on-her-hip, don't play me like that anthem 'Bubblegum Boy.'

The song is a schoolyard banger, with plenty of crunchy beats, production, processing and blaring sirens. Our girl Bella even declares "This ain't recess / So I ain't playing." She ain't afraid to tell how she really feels. We told you she's a sassy girl.

Thorne's not playing and she's not really singing either. She offers up more of that Kesha-influenced talk-rap style, with so much studio treatment that we second guessed thee fact that Bella was actually born in 1997! She and her BFF Pia Mia are certainly rocking mature lyrics and sound much older than their tender teens, as they tell off a boy in this tune.

But all the easy-to-criticize stuff aside, this teen-centric song is quite the guilty pleasure. It sticks in our skull and rocks an infectious groove. Words of advice: You may feel ridiculous listening to this in public, so make like Michael Bolton in 'Office Space' and crank it while singing along. Just make sure to roll the windows all the way up.

Overall, in the space of this song, Thorne possesses the girly girl sass of Willow, offering up the good girl pretending to be bad vibe.

Listen to Bella Thorne, 'Bubblegum Boy' Feat. Pia Mia