It ain't easy rocking a beard. There are cases when men have easily gone from studly to so-not-hot just by growing out their five o'clock shadows. However, when it comes to certain pop stars, the grizzly look works in their favor. In fact, there are a few artists (ahem, Rick Ross) we can't even imagine without their signature beards! So, choosing between Justin Timberlake, Rick Ross, Kesha -- yes, you read that right -- Drake and Adam Levine, who do you think sports the bearded look the best?

During his 'N Sync days, Justin Timberlake had to keep up his squeaky clean teen heartthrob image in many ways, including donning a smoothly shaven face. However, he brought 'SexyBack' with his solo career, which also saw the growth of dreamy crooner's facial hair. He looks sexier than ever nowadays! Rick Ross might as well be crowned "King Beard" in the mainstream music scene, since the rapper never even trims his whiskers past a certain point. Despite it being on the longer side, Ricky Rozay keeps his facial hair well-groomed and it has become part of his signature look.

While Kesha might be female, there is nobody else on earth who is a bigger fan of beards than this young lady. She has an entire website dedicated to her love of beards (particularly ones that are in her mouth), and was even seen rocking a fake Viking-inspired beard a few months back. Hey, don't get us wrong, we love the fresh-faced feminine version of Kesha, but we think she can rock a beard with the best of 'em.

Drake is another celebrity whose ability to wear a beard outshines many others. The 'Take Care' singer/rapper keeps a neat, closely shaven beard at times, and it just adds to his already massive amounts of sex appeal among admirers. Speaking of sex appeal, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine is another gorgeous pop star with a penchant for whiskers. We're glad he likes to sport some scruff -- it just takes his hotness to a whole new level.

So, ladies and gents, whose got the best beard? Vote for the Best Bearded Pop Star below!

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