If you've waited all year for the 2015 PopCrush Fan Choice Awards, today's your lucky day, because they're finally here! This category is for the Best Dressed of the year, and it's totally a tough call.

One of our favorite things about celebrities is the fact that they come with stylists, meaning they should look unreal 24/7. And most of the time, they do. But every now and then there are those few artists who seriously take it above and beyond, looking totally flawless and ethereal everywhere they go. Now's your chance to vote for your favorite.

There's Ariana Grande, who's constantly sporting the shortest skirts and the cutest cat ears. Then there's Cody Simpson, who somehow manages to find pants that fit his insanely tall frame and totally suit him. His buddy (and collaborator) Justin Bieber looks good no matter what he's wearing -- especially when what he's wearing is a pair of boxer briefs a la Calvin Klein (can we get a "hell yes," Beliebers?).

There's the totally effortless Emma Watson, who looks chic and classy, always wearing cuts with super clean lines. Hilary Duff and Selena Gomez both follow a similar aesthetic -- they constantly look well put together, and like they hardly had to try.

Meanwhile, Demi Lovato and Harry Styles have looks that are a bit edgier and less tailored, like they both just walked out of New York City's Trash and Vaudville. Miley Cyrus falls somewhere in this category, with her racy, super high cut bottoms and her tiny crop tops. Speaking of crop tops, did you see Taylor Swift in 2014? Crop tops and high waisted bottoms galore!

But if you're really going for edgy, Lady Gaga will always be your number one girl. No one stops a show like Gaga, and we're pretty sure no one ever will. Then there's the more subtle side of edgy with Shailene Woodley. She totally rocks menswear, but she's also not afraid to go full-feminine. Jennifer Lawrence is also a natural favorite, dressed constantly in Dior as part of her campaign with the fashion house.

But if you're looking for someone who constantly looks fresh off the runway (even after a 73 hour flight with 14 hours straight of turbulence), you're probably gonna want to go for Zayn Malik. Not only is that face totally made for modeling, but he changes up his look so consistently and with such finesse that we're pretty sure he's not a real person at this point.

Vote for your choice of Best Dressed in the poll below! You can vote up to once per hour until 10AM ET on Feb. 17, so keep coming back to support your top pick.

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