Happy #NewMusicFriday! It's time to sort through some of the best gems from this week's batch of new tunes, released today on this now internationally-agreed-upon global release date of Friday, personally hand-picked by the PopCrush editors for your ears.

Dig into this week’s round-up from our editors (in no particular order), and add your favorites to your weekend playlist. Speaking of playlists, Apple Music users now have another way to connect with PopCrush — you can stay up to date with all of our mixes here.

And now, on to your new favorite songs…

Little Boots, "Get Things Done"

The grind of the work week is nearly over (TGIF!), but Little Boots has supplied the extra push needed until mentally checking out for the weekend. "Get Things Done" is the self-empowering anthem of a working woman in control, full of yummy bass licks, sparkly synths and a stomping beat to keep your feet and mind productive. It's the business! And the newly released kitschy visual is the stuff of '80s corporate dreams. We know how to get things done. Now, as the Pet Shop Boys would say, let's make lots of money. — Bradley Stern


Hood Internet, “Classic Lean”

Digitally-circulated song mashups have been around for what translates to a century in internet-years. When a friend and I heard one for the first time back in 2002 — a mix of Missy Elliot’s “Get Ur Freak On” with George Michael’s “Faith” — our reaction was similar to two Neanderthals who’d just discovered fire. Anyone with a decent ear and a free Audacity account can make one nowadays, but mashup-crafting vets The Hood Internet remain among best in the biz. Their new Mixtape Volume Nine pairs pop giants with indie acts, including this stuck-on-repeat blend of Jidenna and Kendrick Lamar’s “Classic Man” remix with Major Lazer’s “Lean On.” Don’t overthink it; they already did that for you, with seemingly effortless results. Just dance. – Samantha Vincenty


One Direction, "Perfect"

Whether you buy into the conspiracy theory or not -- that 'Perfect' is some kind of pop song retaliation lobbed at Taylor Swift via ex-lover Harry Styles, a full year too late -- it's impossible to deny the track's catchy, glittery sheen. One Direction harken back to their Take Me Home days with this one: There's no slight rock-lean, no dizzying guitar solo. It's straight up pop bliss, and, sonically at least, dangerously similar to the Swift-penned "Style" -- those rumors suddenly have some weight to them. And it's kind of brilliant in its way, as though One Direction are collectively paying homage to the best song off 1989 (which also happens to be the most overtly Harry-inspired one) in a way that fires back, too, at the most powerful contemporary pop star on the planet -- without actually saying anything concrete. That's kind of Taylor's M.O., isn't it? Or hey, maybe we're wrong and it's nothing more than a lazy coincidence. It wouldn't be the first (or second... or third) time One Direction jacked a melody or guitar riff from a hit song. But it's good enough here that we'll allow it, either way. — Ali Szubiak


Demi Lovato, "Lionheart"

Where the better part of Confident, Lovato’s fifth studio album, pulls punches, its eleventh track strikes squarely in the jaw. It’s got swells that would make surfers cower in fear—one of the singer’s watermarks—but still grants her new opportunity to experiment with a bulkier, more whole tone. Here’s hoping listeners are willing to endure the 10 tracks that precede it. — Matthew Donnelly


Kacy Hill, “Arm’s Length”

Kacy Hill’s a former model and Yeezus-era backup dancer for Kanye West, and he's signed her to his GOOD Music label. “Arm’s Length” is a standout from her new Bloo EP, a soulful piano-driven track in the vein of Ella Henderson and Ellie Goulding. This song has me singing out loud well out of my range, so apologies to those nearby with functioning ears (but thank you, Ms. Hill!). — Samantha Vincenty


Grace, "Boyfriend Jeans"

Grace — single name, Grace — is a force to be reckoned with, even if you haven't been properly introduced to her yet. The singer-songwriter is still some years away from the legal age to drink in America, but one listen to the Aussie artist's heartbreaking "Boyfriend Jeans," and you'll be reaching for the bottle in no time. Continuing the soul-pop revival ignited by UK acts like Amy Winehouse and Duffy, the singer agonizes over a former flame. "Told me I was your Bey, and you were my Jay Z," she laments. Not to be all like "Move over, Adele," but move over, Adele. — Bradley Stern


Beach House, "One Thing"

A word of caution: Don’t play the Thank Your Lucky Stars track unless you’re completely prepared to happily, distractedly drift away. The dreamy Baltimore pop duo’s sixth studio album is designed to score a night drive to nowhere in particular, and “One Thing” is likely best served on a stretch of empty highway. Were the lyrics not a little (a “f--k off kiss” doesn’t sound ideal), you might have believed you’d achieved nirvana. — Matthew Donnelly

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