Beyonce has released '1+1,' another new song from her forthcoming album, '4. It's a power ballad that is almost a capella, as Beyonce's beautiful voice is accompanied only by a piano. The singer debuted the song on last night's 'American Idol,' too.

Put simply, it's a love song, a celebration of romantic love. Beyonce sings, "I don't know much about algebra / But I know 1 plus 1 equals 2." Okay, we hate to be picky, but that's simple arithmetic not algebra! But at the end of the day, who cares? We get Bey's sentiments.

The Queen B also begs "Make love to me" repeatedly in a breathy, orgasmic voice. It's certainly an inviting proposition for the legion of young men who worship at her altar. The song's instrumentation is spare, allowing Beyonce's voice to drive home all the emotional points. '1+1' is similar to 'If I Were a Boy' from 'I Am…Sasha Fierce'; not in tone or mood, but in its sparsity and it's existence to be a vehicle for Beyonce's attention-getting and emotive displays. While Beyonce never tries to shatter glass like, say, Mariah Carey, she is still able to move even the most cold-hearted stiff with her voice.

It's worth mentioning that Beyonce played soul singer Etta James in the film 'Cadillac Records,' singing James' signature, heart-wrenching hit 'At Last' in the film. She even delivered the signature Etta James hit at the Barack Obama inauguration -- channeling James' emotion on this song. While much of what we've heard from '4' is more aggressive and percussive than we are used to getting from Beyonce, she reverts back to the more familiar Beyonce on this song; but that does not mean that this song is a retread of her past or her playing it safe. Just listen to some of her sexified lyrical declarations. You listening, Jay-Z?

Listen to Beyonce, '1+1'