Beyonce continues to show us why she runs this mother!

Bey really shares the same type of marathon woman schedule (and ethic) as her 'Telephone' cohort Lady Gaga. While the Queen Bee's fourth solo album '4' landed in the US on June 28 (and the 27th in Europe), she was busy as a Bee in London, performing at an album release party at London's Shepherd's Bush Empire.

Sasha Fierce, the singer's onstage alter ego, came out in full effect, complete with big, bouncy, natural curls and a body-hugging, sunny yellow flapper fringe dress. Beyonce bulldozed everything in her path, shaking it while having a grand old time on stage; she was loving performing her songs as much as they fans loved witnessing and absorbing them.

Beyonce's live ferocity was tiger-like. Seriously. She had the eye of the tiger, as she danced and sang with the type of energy normally reserved for teenagers, making eye contact with the crowd. With her corkscrew curls blowing in the wind, Beyonce was a diva to be reckoned with.

Fresh off her headline gig at Glastonbury, which was fed via satellite to the 2011 BET Awards, Beyonce didn't take a pause and why should she? She's got an album to promote. She treated fans to new singles like 'Run the World (Girls),' 'Best Thing I Never Had' (which has our vote for Kiss Off of the year), '1+1' and 'End of Time.'

Of course she couldn't get away with not performing 'Single Ladies,' which caused a surge of estrogen to shoot like lightning out of our computer monitors. We all know Beyonce can do many things, but she certainly knows how to incite girl power like no other.

Watch Beyonce Perform at Her Album Launch Party in London