It's on! With Lea Michele's 'Cannonball' retired to the Pop Clash Hall of Fame after notching four wins, we had to come up with a juicy battle for this new round of Pop Clash. We've made it a battle of the divas, with Beyonce's Jay Z-assisted and intoxicating 'Drunk in Love' (from her surprise self-titled fifth album) going mano y mano with Shakira's new hit, 'Can't Remember to Forget You,' which has an added dose of diva, thanks its feature from Rihanna.

Bey's supremely sexy 'Drunk in Love' features her husband's raps alongside her breathy, sexy voice amid exotic, middle eastern flavors. It's a steamy track where Bey uses all of her feminine wiles. Her voice is velvety and rich, and possessed of more soul than a church choir. We love when Bey shows off her shawty side in the rap parts, too. It's so hot. Music's power couple displays its many talents on this track.

Shakira's 'Can't Remember to Forget You,' from her forthcoming self-titled album, features the singer's DNA-distinct vocal acrobatics, tempered by Rihanna's crystalline voice. The song has a distinctly Caribbean vibe, and parts of it sound like a ska tune, sprinkled with Shak's distinctly spicy flavors. The song took off at radio upon landing, and we challenge you to get the "Oh oh oh oh oh oh" part in the hook out of your brain after listening to this track a few times!

It's a tough battle, but the results are firmly in your hands. You decide who reigns supreme in this week's Pop Clash by voting. Do you want to cast your vote in favor of pop's married power couple, or pop's all-female vocal power couple? We know. It's not easy to pick among such goodness.

You can vote once an hour until the polls close at 3PM ET on Monday, Feb. 3. We'll publish the results and let you know if Bey x Jay or Shak x RiRi emerged victorious.

Listen to Beyonce, 'Drunk in Love' (Feat. Jay Z)

Listen to Shakira, 'Can't Remember to Forget You' (Feat. Rihanna)