Beyonce sure showed us diva-fied way to celebrate the country's birthday during her performance at this summer's Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular and the 125th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty!

With Lady Liberty looming large in the background, no doubt enjoying the Queen B's performance, Beyonce took the stage to perform her bold new single 'Best Thing I Never Had' and the thoroughly patriotic 'God Bless the USA.' Dressed in a black silk sheath dress with those corkscrew curls blowing in the wind and a statement red necklace, Beyonce classed things up celebrating America's birthday in her signature style.

We notice that whenever she performs, Beyonce sports an ear-to-ear grin that never lessens as her performance progresses. Who needs the moon when Beyonce can illuminate the night with her megawatt smile? America could not have had a better singer with which to celebrate her birthday!

Beyonce loves to sing those sassy, kiss off songs, too, throwing the hand up to the boys who have done her wrong. What red-blooded American woman watching in the crowd can't relate to that sentiment?

Beyonce got all kinds of patriotic on 'God Bless the USA,' with the Statue of Liberty in full, clear view behind her as every servicewoman in the crowd sang along with her. That was the most powerful, telling image of the performance.

Beyonce sure is proud to be American and so are we. When she ended her two-song set by telling the crowd to "enjoy the fireworks," we were left thinking it would be hard for even a display of bright and beautiful fireworks to top the ones Beyonce created on the stage.

Watch Beyonce Perform 'Best Thing I Never Had' on July 4

Watch Beyonce Perform 'God Bless the USA' on July 4