Beyonce's next masterpiece may be a visual creation rather than audio track. The Sun claims the new mom has taken up painting as a hobby and has completed an image of her husband Jay-Z with their daughter, Blue Ivy.

The Sun quotes a source who says Bey was inspired to begin painting at the urging of her sister, Solange. "Solange took painting lessons while living in Paris last year and has passed on tips to Beyonce and she's really taken to it," the insider says.

The source adds, "While her baby Blue Ivy is sleeping, she's been getting the brushes out. It's a way for her to unwind. She has already completed four canvases, including one of husband Jay-Z holding their daughter." If the story is true, it was really sweet of Beyonce to create the painting of her most precious loved ones. We'd love to see some of this artwork one day, though we understand if she wants it to remain private.

Beyonce isn't the only R&B and hip-hop star who enjoys painting. Alicia Keys' rapper/producer husband, Swizz Beatz, has said painting is the only activity "when I can just zone out and let my mind flow.”