In short, Beyonce likes to 'Party' -- just don't tell nobody. In this new track featuring Andre 3000, the '1+1' superstar expresses that she's in love, and that has her charged up to go all night.

'Party' brings a lot to the table. Not only does it offer the accompaniment of our 4-digit Outkast friend Andre, but it's catchy and smooth, and was produced by none other than Mr. Kanye West.

"I may be young but I'm ready / To give you all my love / I told my girls you can get it / Don't slow it down, just let it go / So in love / I'll give it all away / Just don't tell nobody tomorrow," Beyonce sings slow and steady -- quite the change from her up-tempo 'Run the World (Girls).'

We like it when anybody (especially Beyonce) goes back to the basics of R&B, so this tune sits well with us. Though, we'd prefer Beyonce's natural vocal beauty to this noticeably tuned version.

We've heard quite a few songs from the hitmaker's upcoming '4' album already, but we know she's got even more hits up her sleeve that have yet to leak. Not much longer to wait, though -- '4' drops on June 28.

Listen to Beyonce, 'Party' Feat. Andre 3000