Beyonce offered her congratulations to the winner of her 'End of Time' remix contest via Skype -- and the victor couldn't believe what was happening!

MTV News reports that Queen Bey shocked the winning entrant, Polish producer Radzimir Debski (who records under the alias Jimek). Jimek quite literally couldn't believe his luck, repeating, "This is not happening!" The ever-gracious Bey assured him that yes, indeed it was. "This is definitely happening ... Thank you for staying awake, I wanted to congratulate you because you're the winner of the 'End of Time' remix competition," she said. "Yes you are. You did a fantastic job."

Jimek won the competition, which lasted four weeks and had about 3,000 entries. More impressive numbers: 351,000 remixes were downloaded and over 1.65 million fans listened to more than one song. Initial entries were judged first by fan votes on SoundCloud, then facing a panel of judges including Florence + the Machine's Isabella Summers, with Beyonce herself selecting the final winner.

Jimek was just as gracious, humble and warm as Beyonce. "That's so cool. I'm so grateful that you found the time, because I'm sure I'm not the only one that ... put their own time into doing it the best they could." What a sweetie!

"I'm very grateful that so many people participated," Beyonce said, "but you were incredible. We were all very impressed -- like I said, you're very, very talented, and you seem like a very humble, gracious man," she gushed. "I wish  you all the success in the world. And stay as humble as you are, because wherever you want to go in life, I'm sure it'll happen."

He's certainly well on his way: Jimek's remix won him $4,000 and will appear on the digital release '4: The Remix,' hitting iTunes this Tuesday, April 24. Congrats!

Watch Beyonce Congratulate Jimek Over Skype