Beyonce is really abandoning her slick pop roots on '4.' A rapturous new song, the apocalyptic, percussion-driven 'End of Time' has leaked and it is reportedly the second single from her fourth solo platter.

If you thought Sasha Fierce was, well, fierce, you'll be quick to discover that the Beyonce is just as much of a female bad ass, as she fearlessly explores new musical terrain on this track. Don't get us wrong -- most the songs on 'I Am...Sasha Fierce' were definitive for the singer, but they were slickly produced pop songs even though they were awash with Mrs. Shawn Carter's signature R&B vocal flair.

Like 'Run the World (Girls),' 'End of Time' marks a shift to the left, as Bey gets bolder and even more courageous, and allows herself to be influenced by the rawness of world music. The song opens with the hellacious, militaristic, almost marching band-style tribal drumbeat, with vocals layered underneath in an almost distorted fashion. This is the most aggressive we've ever heard Beyonce get and we like it! This is girl power at it's finest; no disrespect to the smash hit 'Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)' but we dig Beyonce when she let's her darker side show and behaves dominantly.

The song's lyrical hook is much softer than the singer's aggressive delivery, as Beyonce states, "Come take my hand / I won't let you go / I'll be your friend / I will love you so deeply / I will be the one to kiss you at night / I will love you till the end of time." Perhaps this her incredibly public love song for her husband, Shawn Carter, aka rap mogul Jay-Z!

The ferocity and passion with which Beyonce delivers these lyrics makes you wonder how anyone could ever consider splitting up with her and not returning her zealous passion.

Midway through the song, Bey's voice is looped in an uber-fast, aggressive fashion. Her vocal style in this song is one of the reasons why she has earned the right to go by her first name, and her first name only, in the pop world.

Listen to Beyonce, 'End of Time'