Apparently, a party's not a party until Big Time Rush hit the dance floor. In their brand new music video for 'Music Sounds Better With U,' the boys show off their absolute best dance skills in order to impress the special ladies in their lives, and in turn, us.

When the music kicks off, so does the video, and we see the foursome looking perfectly primped in a warehouse somewhere. The guys sing in straight-up harmony in between shots of them each cozying up to their one-and-only.

In less than a minute's time, however, the boy band's 'sleepy' song turns into a full-on dance party, complete with lights and dozens of girls. Mann is there too, of course, and despite the fact that he isn't bringing the return of 'The Mack' along in this video, we couldn't help but squeal when he popped onto the screen.

As the vid progresses, so does the party mode -- by the end of the clip, those who aren't hopping around the room are break dancing and offering enough hair whipping back and forth to hold us over until Willow's high school days. Phew, Big Time Rush, maybe music actually sounds better with you?

The group's new 'Music Sounds Better With U' video is meant to hype up their 'ELEVATE' album, which will impact on Nov. 21. Additionally, the Nickelodeon famers just announced their Better With U Tour, which will kick off in Feb. 2012 alongside the release of their forthcoming new flick, 'Big Time Movie.'

We say they've done a pretty good job -- we're overhyped!

Watch the Big Time Rush 'Music Sounds Better With U' Video