The Season 3 premiere of 'Glee' brought a lot of new information, but also a few surprises. To Kurt's delight, but only Kurt's, Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss) has officially left the Dalton Academy Warblers for greener pastures, joining McKinley High's New Directions glee club.

While that's certainly good news for the Klaine/Blurt relationship, it could mean rocky territory with the current glee club standings. In 'The Purple Piano Project' episode, which kicked off the season, Finn didn't seem too pleased about Blaine losing his uniform to take over their choir room. Even though he initially thought that the Warbler set fire to one of their purple pianos during his 'It's Not Unusual' performance (it was Santana), we could sense a feud forming regardless.

Additionally, the Warblers gained some mega steam in Season 2, with hit renditions like Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream' and Pink's 'Raise Your Glass.' We thought they had a good thing going, so we're wondering: what gives, Ryan Murphy? We wouldn't be too bummed if things didn't work out for Blaine at the public school, and besides, a little friendly competition could be healthy for a relationship ... Right?

'Glee' continues on Sept. 27 with 'I Am Unicorn.'