Cash Money rhyme-spitter Bow Wow has a lot on his mind these days. Since becoming a new dad, the media has been especially hard on him. So for the soulful 'Heaven,' the rapper-actor takes aim at the haters and critics who are constantly writing about his personal life.

Wizzle seems particular frustrated at the gossip bloggers who track his every move from the slew of girls that he's dating to his personal smoking habits.

"F--- you bloggers," Bow Wow raps. "Can I just make my money in peace without ya'll hating. Why is it so important to find out who I'm dating? / So what I smoke weed. Just please let me be me. I'm not that n---a you read about or see on TV."

Bow Wow seeks solace in the chorus as he yearns for some solitude from the haters: "Can't find no peace on earth I rather be in heaven / I know that I said Lord I gotta to get to heaven / I hope when I died I see everybody in heaven."

While we don't appreciate Bow Wow barking at the media, we have to respect his grind. From his last mixtape 'Greenlight 4' to his latest freestyle session with Chris Brown on '2 Young 2 Give a F---,' Bow Wizzle is showing why he wants to be the top dog in the rap.

If you like 'Heaven,' you can cop the song on Bow Wow's new narcissistic mixtape 'I'm Better Than You,' which is available at your favorite online mixtape website. His album, 'Underrated,' is set to hit stores on Dec. 6.

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