When will people stop knocking our girl Britney? Do people not know we bow down to our shrine of Queen Britney every night before we go to bed? Let. It. Go.

The newest rumor about our Queen B is that she's suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (something she was supposedly diagnosed with since she was a teen), and that's the reason why she's constantly walking off the set of  the 'X Factor.'

"The medication helped her deal with it, however, she can't take it now because it interferes with the other medications she takes for her mental health issues," says a source to RadarOnline. "Britney's current team of doctors strictly prohibit her from taking Adderall or Ritalin, which are commonly given to people with ADHD."

Simon Cowell is said to be aware of Britney's supposed ADHD (she apparently has the attention span of a 10-year-old) and understands that she needs a break from time to time and is fully supportive.

They're always trying to tear her down. Not to mention that publicly claiming someone has a disorder is pretty ballsy.

We call bull----.

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