That was no ordinary bra that Britney Spears wore during the photo shoot for Twister Dance. The limited edition, 'Eternal Love' racerback sports bra, constructed of French silk and nylon, that the pop starlet wore in the promos is decked out with Swarovski crystals and 18k gold hardware. It therefore came with a $20,000 price tag.

A $20,000 bra? Yep, you read right. While it's nowhere near as bejeweled or as expensive as some of those Victoria's Secret fashion show runway bras, which can top out at $1 million, it's still pretty damn pricey. No wonder Brit was exposing the bra and showing off a little skin. With that steep cost, why not show it off? While Brit likely didn't pay for the workout attire she wore in the shoot, it's not as though she can't afford it, especially if she nails down that massive deal with 'X Factor,' which has been in the works for months now!

US Weekly reports that the bra is part of a line of workout gear by BodyRock Sport, designed by Kelly Dooley.

While owning the same bra is likely out of the question for most of you, if you want to copy Brit's look from the shoot, you actually can, since the rest of her look is much more affordable. She rocked the moto leggings in Jessica, which are only $99. What a bargain, comparatively speaking.