Sorry, Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid. It's Britney Spears and Demi Lovato who steal the spotlight in the new 'X Factor' promo pics. These hot, sexy pop stars are turning heads in the latest images released by FOX promoting Season 2, which kicks off in September.

The addition of A-listers like Spears and Lovato to the judge's panel is expected to send ratings up for the show, which struggled in its debut season. We plan to tune in just to hear what Spears and Lovato have to say, and to see what they wear. Based on these images, the ladies are as fashionable as ever.

Doesn't Brit look fab? The shoulder-length bob is such a flattering length for the mom of two, and her blue smoky eyes are gorgeous. The simple purple dress is sexy and elegant at once.

Demi, who's been swapping out hair colors on what feels like a weekly basis, looks youthful and fresh with those golden blond locks. She pulls off wavy and stick straight flawlessly.

We'll throw a compliment at Simon and L.A. -- they are sharp-dressed men. Let's hope Brit Brit and Demz keep them on their toes all season long.

Any predictions on who will mentor which team this season? We'd love to see Brit with the girls (since she was the biggest female pop starlet of her generation); Demi with the boys (it seems like the right fit for her); Simon with the groups (since he had massive success with this little band you may have heard of called One Direction); and L.A. with the over 30s (since he has worked with all age groups during his illustrious career.)

That's our suggestion. How about you, PopCrushers?

Watch 'X Factor' Season 2 Promo