UPDATE: Original video was taken down. Go here to see the final product.

Britney Spears appeals to everyone in her new Fantasy Twist perfume commercial -- all at the same time. The pop legend and 'X Factor' judge sported several sparkly, diverse outfits in her teaser photos for the ad, and now we finally see how they all came together to make a cohesive commercial.

The ad opens with text reading, "We do not see things are they are. We see things as we are." The message sets the tone for the rest of the video, as Spears struts down a hotel hallway and morphs into whatever anyone behind the peepholes want. We see what you did there, BritBrit!

She exits an elevator sporting a sparkly, sequined silver minidress with her long blond hair straight and eyes smoky. When she walks by the room of a red-clad, bespectacled fashion designer, Spears transforms into a Cleopatra-inspired vixen, dancing through the hall and posing against the walls. The woman behind the door is visibly excited by Spears' appearance, to say the least.

Next, Spears channels a 1920s flapper in black and white. We have to say, her makeup looks a lot better in the video lighting for this scene than it did in the still photos, which were in color -- the exaggerated tones look more subtle in the black and white finish. She rocks a tiara and dances around for a girl unpacking a suitcase.

Next, Spears dons a black bob wig and matching sparkly leotard, complete with heavily padded and feathery shoulders, for a handsome, headphone-sporting guy. She also wears a sparkly cross, and this time her name is punctuated with a question mark -- as if he can't believe it's really her.

In terms of transformation yet remaining consistent, the commercial captures the essence of Britney Spears: sexy, but sweet. We imagine that's what her fragrance smells like, too!